Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Average Day at School...

  • You got drama. Everyone has to be involved with everyones crap.! haha! thank goodness I don't have any drama right now with friends!!
  • You got lots of homework! TONS!
  • You have people tap you that you hardly know and tell you that my pencil is going to be stolen if I don't put it in a safe pocket? I had noo clue who this chick was! haha!
  • You got teachers who LOVE giving detentions! haha! gotta love it all!(:
  • You always have someone with a camera on taking the most random pictures and then putting them on facebook.
  • You always have to hug friends down the hall or your friends think you hate them! Thank goodness my friends aren't like that!
  • You got lots of random things that end up in your backpack (SHAYDEN!)
  • You get trash caned by Keaton when you aren't expecting it.. ohh dear. Worst! Haha I love him though!
  • You get kicked in the backpack by Zach and poked and pinched and punched and ect and ect! I can't believe I dated him.. haha! I love him though(: but he's a huge pest(:
  • You get to watch the most horrid chick fights. Sometimes you have to look away because they can get nasty. Horrible. SO glad that I nor my friends are aggressive like that.
  • You have Mrs. Meisner tell us Yo Momma Jokes!
  • You have Jaden trip you down the halls.
  • You have Braysen give me the most weirdest looks in Health.
  • You try not to pass out in Health.
  • You get massive headaches. I get them soo mad for some reasons.
  • You have food fights in lunch till you get caught and in trouble(:
  • You have random dudes ask you out. You say no and then they trip you when you walk away?/:
  • You have Brady steal your milk and juice at lunch and you have to chase him to get it back
  • You have friends come in tears and you let them know that everything will be okay
  • You have the most amazing people that you get to talk to everyday
  • You have the most boringest class... CORE

Ohh you just gotta love school(: It is a roller coaster! All these things I suspect when I go to school each day. Some I love.. and some I don't!(: Middle School is a jungle!!(: But I am soo thankful to be able to go to school and learn(: I love my friends! They are fantastic!(:

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