Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's Hit the Slopes!

For P.E we all had the chance to go snowboarding. I was really excited while others weren't. I hadn't ever gone so I had no idea what to expect. Of course you have those kids who tell you all the horrible things that can happen but I still was pumped and ready to go! My parent's knew how excited I was and were so nice and bought be a nice snowboading jacket, beanie, and gloves. I was set to go! We went early Thursday morning and came back at 6:30. I really don't like bus rides and they seem to make me really sick so I wasn't too thrilled to begin my experience with that horrible sickish feeling after getting off the bus. That soon disappeared and I was set! I got my board and found my snowboarding teacher. She taught us all the basics and that took 2 hours. I didn't know how hard snowboarding was till I got on it. It is a difficult thing! I was doing pretty well with no injuries! Our snowboarding teacher let us go off on our own and so I was then a little nervous of not having someone help when I had noo clue what to do. The lift was a WHOLE different story. That thing scares the guts out of me, plus you have this snowboard attached to your foot and they expect you to hope and and lift your toes up. It was hard, but by the end of the day I was a pro! I snowboarded with Josie most of the time because her and I seemed to go the same speed while the others went slower. Our whole group was Toni, Sadie, Jordyn, Josie, and I. Josie and I ditched the rest while they took there time and we just went for it! It was a blast! The most horrid thing about snowboarding is that mini heart attack you have right when you know that you are going to fall and it's going to hurt! Josie and I went on all of the slopes and enjoyed all of them except Navajo. I couldn't seem to stay on the trail and always fell into powder or a tree. By the time I gave up I wasn't even half way down the hill. I finally got the courage to get out of the powder and keep going down the hill instead of waiting for someone to come get me(: I got on when I fell hard on my bum! It hurt so bad, but I was soo cold and just wanted to go get hot chocolate! I got back up and fell again. This kept repeating 5 times when finally I fell so hard that I couldn't stand it. I told myself not to cry but I was so frustrated! I cried for a couple minutes and then I decided how much of a wimp I was and just to get up. I got up and my whole back and butt hurt the rest of the day. The good part about that whole experience was I didn't fall as much after that because I didn't want to fall on my bum because it already hurt extremely! Little did I know that I had a big fat bruise on my tush! The rest of the day was great and I was able to go snowboarding with more people who were experts at it all. I went with Jeron and Dallin for awhile. Toni didn't snowboard that much because of her poor little hands. She kept telling me that her hands were cold, but there wasn't much I could do to help. She finally couldn't take it and started crying on a hill. I took off my gloves and told her to wear them but she wouldn't. I tried to get her to stand up and snowboard all the way back down the hill but she wasn't too fond of that plan. So I had no choice but snowboard down and get someone to help. She thought she had frostbite but it ended up that her hands were just cold! She stayed in the lodge part of the day till we finally get her to come back out with us. It was a great day and I hope that I can go frequently now! Parents say I can so I am thrilled! My friend Shayden Smith and I are going to go and I am pumped! So my first snowboarding experience was a huge success and thankfully no injuries except for a swollen bruised bum!(:

P.S I didn't take any pictures while snowboarding. I am gonna next time I go up though! (Hopefully) These pictures are just of my friends on the bus!

Jordyn, Danielle, Jackson, and Shayden in the back!
The bus ride was seriously sickening.


Jos and I. Sorry about the weird effects. My camera is touchy.!

I love Shayden's face in the back on the right(: haha!

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